Hitting The Pause Button On Your Career

The word, redundant, is Unpleasant Once You look at The definition: “no more useful or needed; superfluous.”

In an era of communication and restructuring, Employers will need to learn the benefits of a more transparent approach. Organizations hazard if they don’t deal with procedure 19, creating enormous will and damage.

Is a Lot of People have tales and an emotive topic Of their experience.

It is a Simple Fact of lifetimes and in the wrong. It does not mean it is a tragedy, although it may come as a shock and is from anybody’s control.

Section of the human condition would be to wrestle with this Gorgeous Dance between our self and our awareness.

Redundancy was NOT in my game plan. Nonetheless, in April 2020, I heard those dreaded words, “business restructure,” “staff streamlining,” etc.

Up until this stage, my function till now and was my entire life, The job in my career. And the timing couldn’t be worse with also the dearth of opportunities in the market along with COVID-19.

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