How COVID-19 Will Transform Access To Education In Our Region

Transformed and then came COVID-19 that this burn into a raging inferno that’s not likely to detract.

The world wills change Indefinitely, with economic and social routines unlikely to come back again after the pandemic has passed.

While more individuals than ever connected thanks to private and public investments new learning technologies have been hitting the marketplace.

This confluence of variables was as Correct For Australia since it had been for Indonesia; the two nations witnessed the dawning of a democratisation of the education programs.

Think about the forces in play : the Enforced requirement for universities to pivot fast to online delivery through lockdown; the unprecedented business gold rush on creating new instructional services and technology and becoming the first to make them promote; the raised priority people are putting on linking themselves into the electronic world.

It is unlikely that the classroom Will ever reestablish the campus classroom. People who seek the traditional college teaching experience will last to discover a marketplace saturated with suppliers.

Here, teachers will need to ensure it is crystal clear that learning isn’t a threat to the classroom.

Online learning is a way of Extending our learning practices which university campuses can’t reach.

We have much we could learn from each other On this trip. Australia and indonesia discuss not just a place we discuss similar values. Our countries place its own place in our societies, and also importance about the power of education .

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