Our Staff


Angela Thomas

Angela is the Founder of Finasteride 365. She tries to keep everyone in line with the latest advancements in our world so they don’t have to worry about missing anything.

Phone: (+1) 256-714-5929
Email: [email protected]



Curtis Lorimer

Curtis is the Editor at Finasteride 365. He tries to provide our readers with everything they need to know about our world before anywhere else.

Phone: (+1) 256-715-2592
Email: [email protected]



Emma Bell Reporter

Emma works as the Reporter for Finasteride 365. She loves to find everything going on in our world and share it with our readers.

Phone: (+1) 256-712-4928
Email: [email protected]



Jeffrey Burkett Writer

Jeffrey is the Writer at Finasteride 365. He has a passion for writing, He tries to share the latest news with our readers before anywhere else.

Phone: (+1) 256-717-3294
Email: [email protected]



Marian Bolin Author

Marian is working as the Author at Finasteride 365. Thanks to her writing our readers can learn about the latest things and stay ahead of everyone else.

Phone: (+1) 256-715-2639
Email: [email protected]